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„superarchitettura is the architecture of superproduction, superconsumption, superinduction to consume, the supermarket, the superman, super gas“ manifesto of the exhibition “superarchitettura”, by archizoom and superstudio, 1966


when we think about the way supermarkets have changed in austria over the last twenty years, the transformation was closely related to the ongoing discussions about architectural form and the role of consumption in today’s social life.

at the beginning of the last century the architect was still the euphoric form-artist. then in 1966 with the exhibition of archizoom and superstudio - “SUPERARCHITTETURA” - the architect’s view began to change on mass production and consumption in relation to social behavior and architectural design.

today we know that shopping and related consumer activities influence the social behavior to a huge extend. shopping malls do not longer focus on covering the necessities of daily life, but are becoming a kind of "public square, with cafes and parks, restaurants and shops."* in addition, we




tend to spend more and more time on these activities, since they interlace with other occupations of our daily lives. hence it is not enough anymore to create the image of a brand, but to maintain a relationship with the consumer, to produce a seductive experience and create shopping spaces with their own identity.


hand in hand with the transformation of the shopping mall, the aesthetics of supermarkets change. in austria a few supermarket chains started to involve architects into their design process early on. today these supermarkets are built in relation to their surroundings, celebrate their difference (the new manifold) and have very clean aesthetics. they do not show their infrastructure, focus on noise reduction and incorporate eco-friendly energy solutions – one could say this is the era of “superarchitecture 2.0”.

the exhibition will show a few examples of supermarket designs in which the archinauten were involved during the last years. the projects range from re-launches of existing markets to the office tower with included shopping mall and supermarkets.




* kwinter, sanford:

requiem, 2010, p.46



from: 25.06.2015

till: 15.08.2015


exhibition hall of the agency karmášek

k.weise 2619/9
370 04 české budojovice