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the collaboration between wolfgang mühlbacher and andreas dworschak led to the founding of a joint architecture studio based in linz/austria in 2000. since then, they have worked on numerous projects under name of the architecture firm – archinauten – ranging in scale from urban planning strategies to interior design. the palette of projects reaches from single-family homes to commercial and business objects all the way to public buildings such as cultural / sport centers and schools.


many of the archinauten's building commissions are the result of winning architectural competitions. they see their work as architects as being holistic – from the preliminary draft to the finished object. in between creativity, vision and realistically meeting needs, they are conscious of their social responsibility.




in this sense, the archinauten regard their work as social and cultural service at a very high level of artistic, functional and technological quality. the architectural quality and sustainability are measured primarily by how openly and differently the work can be interpreted for the most diverse forms of living.


the archinauten are an internationally inspired team of planners with experienced construction execution planners. along with the architectural design, dialogue with the client and users about diverse requirements regarding the function of the building is an essential aspect of the project development. the coordination of the planning team that this requires is naturally a component of the work.






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