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“Wohnen an der Auhirschgasse” will be one of the first realized residential housing projects within the new development area in the rural south of Linz. The typical problems of heterogeneous habitats on the periphery apply here and complicate a site-specific approach to the plot. Therefore, it is the aim of the project, to mediate between the two adjoining settlements of varying scale and density while also considering the natural landscape beside the outskirts.

The site lies along the borders of the old town of Linz-Pichling - a rural area, which is defined by single-family houses with one or two levels. Hence, the project proposes detached apartment houses,



that are arranged within a grid, which is tweaked and stretched in order to achieve an interesting configuration of space that follows the open porosity of a small-scale rural settlement. The arrangement enables a diverse composition of green spaces with different hierarchies – private green, semi-private green and public green zones. The apartment houses are grouped around central greenscapes – which form park-like communication zones for the inhabitants. Big trees can be planted within these zones as they are not affected by the garage, which is solely situated along the sides and underneath the buildings. The „rambla“ forms the heart of the project - all entrances are facing it, all bicycle and pedestrian paths end there.


The building typology allows an optimized arrangement of condominiums, as all bigger condos (with 3 to 4 rooms) are situated in the corners of the building - which basically means that the majority of condominiums have the advantage of light and view from two directions. Secondary spaces and wet rooms are situated around an atrium and help to reduce the noise from the houses central infrastructural core. Same types of condominiums are positioned above each other due to the advantage of sound insulation and cost efficiency. The buildings will be realized as solid constructions with reinforced concrete ceilings and brick masonry. Loggias are positioned in an irregular order and help to define the quarter's identity.