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firestation nord


fire station nord

functional renovation and extension

the fire station north is located in linz-urfahr. the operational building from the 1970s met in functional and thermal terms not the requirements and standards of modern fire stations. since the basic substance of the building was ok, a functional renovation and extension of the existing fire station was decided. the design combines clear and efficient functionality with an architectural language appropriate to the construction task.



the aim of the renovation was to give the building a completely new identity while retaining large parts of the supporting and façade structure. all existing windows were renewed, the poorly insulated pre-fabricated concrete elements were largely preserved and insulated. subsequently, the entire building was covered with a new metall facade. the slightly iridescent aluminum panels are partly perforated and openable - according to the use of the rooms behind.

















immoblien linz gmbh & co kg


completion: may 2018




fire station before renovation