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sissi 2.0

sissi 2.0
eurospar bad ischl

the plot of the new Eurospar is positioned at the Grazerstraße on the southern outskirts of Bad Ischl. The western border of the site is defined by the Salzkammergutbundesstraße which lies lower than the actual site. a dense row of trees defines the boundery towards that national transportation axis. the triangular shaped plot drops towards the drive facing the Grazer Straße.

The parking ground ends in a large entrance area that welcomes the customers. The glazed entrance with its funnel shaped frame is nearly filling the whole site which helps customers to focuss on the market interior- especially on the fresh produce section on the right.

The design does not want to imitate the aestetics of an ordinary warehouse - on the contrary it suggests an exceptional eurospar with a distinctive skin that derives from topographical and and functional aspects. The iridescent gold tone changes according to the viewers perspective and incidence of light. By that it helps the building to appear noble and elegant. The special tringulation of the skin makes the facade look smooth but lively. The gold tone is widely used by villas and buildings from the imperial era and is part of the accustomed cityscape. The use of the tone on the facade of the eurospar will be positively recognized though.






bad ischl

grazer straße 58


ideas competition:

oktober 2013


planning phase:

march 2014 - june 2014


construction phase:

june 2014 - november 2014