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villa h

villa h

the 220 square meter (floor area) VILLA H was designed in 2002 and completed in May 2004. It is located in a sloping residential area with outstanding views over the town. the two-story house is set on a 890 square meter site, triangulary shaped, set in by two streets - a noisy main road on the north and a small residential street on the south.


the house exhibits a clear plan, a composition of solids, voids, transparencies related to a primary axis - the cascade stairway. the stairway is attached outside the “white cube” and leads from the entrance level to the living and sleeping floors. the north this front is nearly closed, but  the glass-roofed stairway opens views over linz. thus the noise from the road and courious looks from a neighboring house are held outside. in contrast the south front is completely opened in glass,


offering a wide vista into the garden with pool. two steel columns that carry the floor above are made to appear as thin as possible.


from a paved courtyard with an oaktree the entrance door leads into the hall and further to the upper floors. the public room zone with living-, diningroom and kitchen on the ground level is one big room, extended by the outside terraces. further up the stairway leads to the private rooms. smaller openings frame the view from the private space. the white cladding and dramatic volumes of this house, together with its exceptional site gives villa h its individual merit.


the interior design follows the ideas of a white cube + stairway. all walls and ceilings are painted white with the exception of the conrecte wall along the stairway. oak and sharpend asphalt are used as materials on the floor.



windflachweg 6

4040 linz