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stelzhamer school

stelzhamer school, linz
european competition|2008
1.honorable mention

a school is not only a place for learning, but also a living space for children. it is a place of individual learning experience and action. architecture cannot influence the lessons, but can create conditions for better learning.

the new stelzhamer school provides the children with the space they need: space for action and interaction, space for a clear view, open

space. this is achieved not only by providing more surface space, but also by intelligently overlappingfunctional spaces, by using the roof, by creating visual axes and vistas.

special attention has been given to the design of the green spaces, the sports and recreation areas on the limited plot of land. the



open space has been divided
into areas for exercise and for relaxation, providing spaces for both individual and collective learning. open zones and quiet areas for retreat for different forms of communication in school are supplemented by open spaces such as a multifunctional sports field and outdoor steps forming an arena.