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schwerpunktfeuerwehr verden (d)

verden an der aller,

the new fire station is located in the center of verden, in one line with the vernacular structure of the neighbouring buildings. the building is - in its simple form and easy as well as unpretentious formation without any concise gesture - an adequate addition to the urban surrounding. the design combines a distinct and powerful functionality with an appropriate architectural language.


the stretched structure with its glazed vehicle depot is oriented towards lindhooperstraße and forms




a street corner. the first floor cantilevers and marks  the entrance to the "internal" part of the building with an outdoor exercise area and depot. the relatively "easy" take on the design process continues to be the concept in all parts of the building giving the new building the required charisma and urban conciseness. the floor-to-ceiling windows of the entrance zone and the vehicle depot stand in deliberate contrast to the closed facade surfaces out of dark brown anodized aluminum sheets. the partly perforated metal skin allows  


a filtering of the window openings.the facade should be robust, durable, but multilayeredly iridescent and reflective. depending on the day and season the facade varies, becomes is more prominent or reflects the environment as an expression of a lively dialogue.

in its compactness the building fulfils the standard regulations for energy efficent buildings. the chosen methods for the hibernal and estival insulation meet the requirements for thermal comfort.