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schreber's delight

schreber's delight

the project takes a conceptual approach, clearly delimiting the cubature of the building towards the outside as a perimeter block and maximizing the facade surfaces facing the “green center”. this is made possible through a slight transformation of this urban development key project into a comb-like construction on the inside. the inner courtyard formed by the


vertically staggered building structures opens onto a park landscape that imbues it with a unique identity. this permeability of the outside spaces meets the residents’ need for landscape – green for all.

the project responds to the surrounding structures by retreating and consolidating the mass of the construction in the direction of the center. the low zoning where


the perimeter block joins creates valuable zones of distance and in-between areas in the field of construction itself, as well as to the adjacent neighborhoods. the integration of the building in the local urban development, especially where it ties into neighboring buildings, also ensures the quality of living there.