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the residential family home is located on a hillside that slopes towards the east on the outskirts of the city of linz. the topography of the building site, building regulations, and the location of the plot were defining parameters for the design and conception of the house. the result is a clear structure, which appears monolithic from the outside, but has a complex interior spatial structure. the interior is marked by the characteristically slanted shear walls – as a podium-like stepped “living landscape” or a dynamically

aligned ceiling. the different use areas on the ground floor and upper floor form an interconnecting spatial ensemble. the real abundance of space results from the slants, the high openings and the connection between the top and the bottom, which is further enhanced by the changing light over the course of the day. the staircase-like podiums broaden the living room and lead to the upper floor. the mid-day sun shines through the large west-facing window, over the podiums into the living space.




a-4040 gramastetten


start of construction:

september 2009


end of construction:

november 2010


building area: