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haus g

haus g

the house g is situated to the south of linz in the gentle foothills of the alps in the middle of fields and grassland. this residential home is reached by way of a winding road. it is located on a plot of land at some distance away from a farmhouse, and has a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape. the vast extent of the location determines the design theme. the rooms are grouped

according to their use functions in three star-shaped, diverging wings. in keeping with classic modernism, the interior material is dominated by black slate on the floor and the white high-gloss surfaces of the fixed furnishings. in addition to the panoramic view of the mountains, a chimney wall made of colored concrete is an eye-catcher in the living room.




a-4533 piberbach


start of construction:

april 2008


end of construction:

april 2009


building area:



area of use: