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forum wag

competition 2018
honorable mention

the main guiding principle of the design is a robust, sturdy building that fulfills the urban planning requirements and also offers attractive usage options. starting from a simple volume of construction - a cube, through cutouts and gaps, exciting spatial sequences with clear functional assignments are created. the vertical compaction of the building blocks on the corner marks urban-spatial edges, while the lower 3-storey basement floor forms the structural transition to the residential area behind it.

the façade design continues the stringent design, with a homogeneous, finely structured cover covering all the outer surfaces of the cube and the inner cut surfaces each tailored to the function, designed as glass façades or green balcony tapes. With just a few design measures, this creates a concise grand style with clearly readable functions and high quality of use.







a large gate-like nook at the street corner opens the office floor to the outside and marks the entrance to the forum_wag. public space penetrates the building on the ground floor and at the same time forms the entrance to the residential area behind it. this partially covered, partly open city space opens up a variety of variations in the dialogue with the open pedestal area.