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cultural and sports hall + fire department dietach

cultural and sports hall
+ fire department dietach
european competition|2007

visible from a distance, the new cultural and sports hall is situated at the entrance to the town of dietach. the height of the building along with its folds and edges facilitate orientation and give the building a unique identity. the different spaces with varying functions in the compact building are easily recognized. the position and form of the building define and divide its surroundings into zones. the long projecting roof marks the entrance of the cultural and sports hall and shades the glazed foyer. in addition to the basic sports functions, the three sports halls also

serve as a multipurpose location for all kinds of functions. it is a clear, neutral and versatile space for diverse activities and atmospheres.

hose tower and vehicle hall are the unmistakable and easily recognizable insignia of a fire department. the fire department plays an important and congruent role in the whole ensemble. the height of the construction, the edges of the facade and the large projecting roof at the entrance of the cultural and sport hall all clearly represent the multifunctional nature of the building complex.




dietachdorfer straße 2
a-4407 dietach


european competition:

july 2007


start of construction phase:

august 2009


end of construction phase:

august 2010


start of construction phase:

estimated in 2015