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transparency and clarity characterize the new fire station on poestlingberg. the concept of clearly arranged, well functioning operations determines the construction and the choice of the architectural means. the polarity of the two parts – the old and the new buildings – is enhanced in the material concept. in keeping with the technical milieu of the fire station, the new building is marked by cement, galvanized steel and glass. the volunteer fire department forms a clearly structured ensemble of buildings, whose functional logic is directly conveyed. in the entrance tract the staircase connects the two parts and has a


high spatial quality despite the functional and economical conception. the massive concrete base of the new building merges into the slope. the facade above is completely dissolved in glass. compared with the smooth frontage on the side of the slope, the lower set drive entrance of the cube structure results in a tangible depth and clearly formulated access a guardrail forms the boundaries of the forecourt, continuing as an installation channel into vehicle hall. in the basement the changing rooms, showers and utility rooms are arranged in a functional sequence.




samhaberstraße 50

a-4040 linz



january 2005



august 2006


site area:

1.201 m²


building area:

300 m²