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exhibition tabakfabrik linz

tabakfabrik linz                                            
art, architecture,
working environment
exhibition design

the tabakfabrik in linz is the focal point of this exhibition: the building itself, constructed by the architects peter behrens and alexander popp from 1929 – 1935, is the largest steel frame construction in austria and is considered one of the most stringent industrial buildings of international modernism. starting from this historical building, under protection as a historical monument, attention will be focused on the art collections of jti/austria tabak as well as those of


the city of linz (lentos museum and nordico museum): depictions of the tabakfabrik in various media, including architecture models, photography, projects from kunst am bau, product design by artists from the secession, the wiener werkstätte, and the werkbund. how will it be used by the city in the future? a topical exhibition to commemorate the purchase of the property by the city of linz in the year 2009

(text: andrea bina, translation: aileen derieg)




museum der stadt linz

dametzstraße 23

4020 linz


length of the exhibition:

sept 2010 - jan 2011



andrea bina in zusammenarbeit mit sabine fellner und georg thiel

exhibition design:

andreas dworschak / archinauten, linz