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eurospar marchtrenk

eurospar marchtrenk

the site for the new eurospar in marchtrenk lies on the congested four-lane highway b1. vehicles drive past the supermarket at high speed. the architecture of the building ties into this dynamic. the striking line forms of the walls ensure that the new eurospar is seen and recognized. the smooth transition from the facade and projecting roof into the encasement of the building that can be seen from afar is particularly notable.

the encasement made of white and silver cladding sheets




is composed of bent flat surfaces. a grid of lines resulting from accentuating the broad grouting enhances the dynamic effect of the facade. a glass portal cut into the larger form provides customers and motorists “flashing by” with a clear view of the inside of the supermarket. the support construction made of tensed glued-laminated girders with precast roof elements is very economical and provides high flexibility in terms of usage.





linzer strasse

4614 marchtrenk


start of construction:

march 2010


end of construction:

september 2010