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eurospar bad hall

eurospar bad hall                                           

the new eurospar is located on the road leading into bad hall. the exposed nature of the building requires high quality design on all sides. there is no classic “back side”. in spite of the strict functional guidelines, the eurospar is very different from the usual box-like appearance of similar commercial buildings. a wavy light band around the whole market creates light openings in the building and its noise


insulation. all the parts of the building fuse together to create an attractive ensemble for an emotionally appealing shopping experience for the customers. the primary goal is to activate and increase shopping pleasure. the outside of the new eurospar already offers a foretaste of what awaits the customers inside – fresh, high quality products in a gleaming, bright environment.





bahnhofplatz 1

4540 bad hall


start of construction:

march 2010


end of construction:

june 2010


building area:



area of use: