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community music center gampern

community music center,


the public sphere needs spaces as a stage or utility area. spaces with possibilities for action and intervention are some of the deciding factors for the quality of life in a town.

that is why the community music center is situated at the middle of the new town center, surrounded by open spaces with different sizes and qualities. the combination of the new community music center and the open spaces creates a center with strong connections to the local infrastructures, with high spatial quality and diverse


possibilities of use.

the community music center was planned as a one-story building. the arrangement of the building resulted from the different heights of the rooms and is emphasized in the material concept. a homogeneous encasement made of cladding sheets covers the the music rehearsal room and the pavilion in front – serving good acoustics inside, providing weather protection on the outside. glass surfaces serve as dividing elements between the “wooden brace” and the massive section of the building.




gampern nr.56

4851 gampern


commissioner and client:

gemeinde gampern





start of construction:



end of construction: